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Types of Battery │ Different Types of Battery │ Classification of Battery│

March 28, 2019 26 Comments

Types of Battery │ Different Types of Battery │ Classification of Battery│

A battery is a source of electrical energy, which is provided by one or more electrochemical cells of the battery after conversion of stored chemical energy. In today’s life, batteries play an important part as many household and industrial appliances use batteries as their power source.

Types of Batteries.

Batteries can be divided into two major categories, primary batteries and secondary batteries. A primary battery is a disposable kind of battery. Once used, it cannot be recharged. Secondary batteries are rechargeable batteries. Once empty, it can be recharged again. This charging and discharging can happen many times depending on the battery type. Alkaline batteries, Mercury batteries, Silver-Oxide batteries, and Zinc carbon batteries are examples of primary batteries whereas Lead-Acid batteries and Lithium batteries fall into the secondary battery’s category.

Unfortunately there is no single battery technology available on the market today that can be considered as “The Solution” for all classes of portable battery operated devices. There are a variety of batteries in use, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

In this video we learn different types of battery and their advantages and disadvantages.

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26 Replies to “Types of Battery │ Different Types of Battery │ Classification of Battery│”

  1. Good video am learned alot, but drawback is you mix it all battery types together, and in start info, you will given only fev types, & in lecture you add new types extra ✌, other is really good work 💕

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    ब्लू वाली बैटरी का नाम

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    you forgot Lithium Polymer

  5. What are the differents between battery and capacitor….?

  6. What are the differents between battery and capacitor….?

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    why did u use pink sheeps voice

  9. please give one information. I want one battery but which is best please clarify sir. purpose of photo printer business. epson520 picture mate compatible other exatranal 12v I want 10-12hours running battery suggestion give me sir.this using tourism place on the spot photo printing purpose

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  15. Very helpful. Thanks

  16. primary batteries should be discontinued

  17. AK Soomro says:

    Hello thank you for informative video, could you clarify that Lithium Ion Battery is secondary battery, is it dry or wet. Earlier response will be appreciated.

  18. Tomas Abcd says:

    It would be more informative if you would say how long are shelf life of batteries not just ,,long life'' or ,,short life''.

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