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Sony Xperia XZ Premium Battery Repair Guide

March 28, 2019 15 Comments

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Music name: Touch the Sky – Yung Sir

1. Hair dryer/Heat Gun –
2. Plastic Card –
3. Spudger –
4. PH#000 Screwdriver –
5. Straight Tweezers –

Step1 Power off and take out the SIM Card Tray (Remove the Back Cover)
Step2 Remove the frame
Step3 Remove the Motherboard
Step4 Remove the worn Battery
Step5 Test the new Battery
Step6 Install the new Battery
Step7 Put back the other parts

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15 Replies to “Sony Xperia XZ Premium Battery Repair Guide”

  1. mohd nizam says:

    Can I use battery xz premium on xz?

  2. Kelvin Chu says:

    x5p wasn't that hard….

  3. Would the water resistance thingy still be there? After replacing the sticker?

  4. 夜蜘蛛 says:

    I'd be interested in trying this but if I break anything, that's 600$ in the toilet

  5. GaStaGaming says:

    Have xz premium à wireless charging ????????

  6. dave joson says:

    These phone manufacturers purposely make it extremely difficult to change the battery so you give up & buy another phone.Contact them & carriers & demand removable battery phones or you won't buy them!!!!

  7. Larhard says:

    I was interested in buying this mobile phone, but after seeing what it takes to swap the battery I will just keep looking for some alternative. However, nice video! Well done.

  8. P A says:

    I remember this days when smartphones had normal removable batteries… Open the back by hand ang go… They stopped all that so when their battery shits the bed… Most people go and replace the phone lol… We all getting screwed

  9. mohd nizam says:

    Can i used xz perium battrey for my xperia x?

  10. Jin Mike says:

    where can i purchase the adhesive?

  11. Kim Superior says:


  12. H C says:

    What? Do I need to remove cameras and all the small plastic frames to remove the battery?

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