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Luna Cycle Submerge Ebike Battery Pack Crazy

March 28, 2019 27 Comments

the new wolf v2 pack is the only ebike pack (along with our apex/apollo and fusion packs) we can recommend to ride in the rain and have fun.


27 Replies to “Luna Cycle Submerge Ebike Battery Pack Crazy”

  1. Roy Evans says:

    Are you lot making enough money now to buy this guy a haircut? ))) Haha. All the best.

  2. Todayi1itall says:

    Very impressed with your battery pack fabrication and testing facility and the fact that you are potting these batteries in clear resin. Good to see that your products are differentially better than your competition. Maybe Sur Ron needs to start potting their battery. How waterproof are your Motors and controllers. You may have opened the bag of worms. I haven't bought anything yet but you're on the short list, and it just got shorter.

  3. Fred Horner says:

    The Willy Wonka of E-Bikes. Love it.

  4. great vid. i couldn't tell if it was tongue in cheek but please don't say "space age" plastic, just say "latest". Space age plastic is a plexiglass cup you put your Tang in back in the 60's. :p

  5. Doc back to the future.

  6. Loved the presentation Eric. Can we get Luke and Jackson to do some product deep dives as well?

  7. That stainless vacuum tank wasn't cheap, even if bought at scrap prices. Lots of money spent on this test facility, very impressive!

  8. Great video! Do you have a price in mind for a replacement
    battery (wolf v2, 72v) for the new Apollo? Thank you.

  9. Tom C says:

    This whole place makes me nervous! Crazy ass=crazy awesome bikes but Thanks god they don’t don’t make airplanes.

  10. nnj3k says:

    Why not salt water?

  11. Alex Paulsen says:

    I like your 10 year old sense of humour. "Ow! Just kidding" followed by only you laughing…

  12. Bonzo Bonzai says:

    u can dump the pack in water, and the the heat still can't escape, bummer 🙁
    I wish he would have potted in some water piping in for cooling.

  13. Max Pizarro says:

    Excellent video and innovation!!! Can we get a mighty mini battery pack like this?

  14. DirtForce 08 says:

    would 52V even shock you? lol

  15. DirtForce 08 says:

    Eric, you really run a professional shop/operation…. I was under the assumption it was more "mom and pop" but you're just about up their with the big guys. Keep it up!

  16. DirtForce 08 says:

    dude, you're nuts! love it! I LUUUUUV the new apolo, the specs are amazing.

  17. And this is another reason I'm going to get a Luna system for my bike!

  18. Awesome video.
    Do you guys plan on potting any 72V packs?

  19. k lee says:

    Luna Cycles why don't you create controller for the chinese brand scooters as a scooter upgrade. I would love to upgrade my device to Luna specs.

  20. Russ B says:

    Nice One Luna Cycles 🙂 Interesting and informative video 🙂

  21. Nice test. I personally wouldn't do that. Proof the wolf pack is real deal water proof.

  22. Ed Sinofsky says:

    cool video. Can you recommend a dielectric grease to get in small quanities?

  23. Chris Chen says:

    Thumbs up! But need more power…17AH or more version soon?

  24. Steven Harns says:

    Very informative; nicely done! Have you considered using gel packs for conductivity? Also; it would be great to see a belt drive system used on Sur Ron and Apollo bikes.

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