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Kobalt 80V Battery Recovery and Teardown – ElementalMaker

March 28, 2019 17 Comments

Found this battery at the recycling bin at the local hardware store. Here is my shot at recovering it and taking a look at the inside. This battery is identical to the greenworks 80V and the 82V Briggs and Stratton. I mistakenly said snapper in the video.

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17 Replies to “Kobalt 80V Battery Recovery and Teardown – ElementalMaker”

  1. in case you don't have a power supply you can use the working 80V battery and a resistor to burn down the shop

  2. Dennis W says:

    Hardware store battery bins are a goldmine.

  3. I have that exact same Chineseum security bit set.

  4. Derangerous says:

    Recently did the same thing with a Dewalt 60V battery I rescued from the return bin. Sadly one cell was dead fully and wouldnt recover. So un clipped it and soldered in another that matched specs and for about 4 bucks I got a new battery. Haha

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  6. John Bolene says:

    what power supply? looks awesome

  7. Good to see some fucking ads on you

  8. Demi says:

    How did you get these from the returns bin?

  9. david bone says:

    It's a good source you have for batteries where you are 🙂 Taking cells from the recycle bin from a shop in the uk would be considered theft,.

  10. Bradly Smith says:

    Cool content as always

  11. deweys says:

    YouTubers and their old wrenches.

  12. pjesapjes says:

    always good too see a video from this dude ! keep it up mate, greetings from iceland

  13. I fucking love your channel thank you so much for the hard work putting the videos out

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