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Galaxy S9/S9+ BATTERY CHARGING TEST 0% – 100%

March 28, 2019 24 Comments

Launch after launch, I test the time to charge from 0% to 100% Now it’s time to see how the 9 series comes out. PLUS a Life saving tip on extending the life of your device.

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24 Replies to “Galaxy S9/S9+ BATTERY CHARGING TEST 0% – 100%”

  1. Mine does not show the green charging circle😥

  2. agustin D says:

    That's bullshit because I charge my s9 and it 30 min is full charge

  3. I plug it in and it's says 1hour and 30 minutes then it goes to 2 hours why?

  4. My s9 litteraly takes two days to get to 40%

  5. MiticaV says:

    All my wall plugs are vertical. I don't have horizontal plugs. I could use a extension cord. Will it stay?

  6. Heston says:

    2:15 starting charge

  7. GamEsTenSe says:

    What charger did u use for the phone

  8. will wireless charging work if you have a popsocket on?

  9. Sammy Sampi says:

    the charging cable very confusing which direction it goes((once you inserted to the phone))

  10. I get fast charging either way but sometimes either way doesn't work

  11. Does it matter which way i plug in the USB charger. Should the at&t icon be facing up or down. Which way is the correct way

  12. Rhonda Marie says:

    Getting the galaxy 9+ and would like wireless charger can you recommend one that won't cost an arm an a leg? Thanx

  13. So you are saying this smartphone is not smart enough to turn off charging after the battery is full, and you need another device to do that?

  14. hiephoi058 says:

    My s9 takes forever to charge

  15. Man,you are a chuwy talker

  16. random stuff says:

    charging overnight doesnt have any severe consequences the real problem is charge cycles as in charging all the way up to 100% because lithium ion batteries degrade faster when charged fully than when partially charged anso fast charging can increase wear what i would reccomend doing is turning off fast charge for overnight charges

  17. J S says:

    Why does the charging indicators not go off when done charging

  18. partystarta1 says:

    LOL 1 or 2 years is the life of your phone? gtf out of here !

  19. Random Boi says:

    I have the s9 s9 plus iPhonex and iPhone 7 plus

  20. Mark Lewis says:

    I thought the s9 will stop charging by its self when fully charged

  21. NicK says:

    Did u turn on fast cable charging in battery settings?

  22. buzzzz66 says:

    I loved that beat playing while the phones were charging

  23. Does the LED indicator of the S9 plus turn green when it reaches 100%?

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